I live in a box of paints.

Well, not really. I live in Denver. 

Whether it’s a still life shot of margaritas or a dying campfire, my art aims to capture ephemeral moments between people and their surroundings. I capture tiny - sometimes even mundane - interactions as a mode of storytelling. I spent years working in the travel industry, and the memories of the places (as well as the eternal wanderlust of somewhere new) influence my work. Painting is the easiest way for me to mentally travel somewhere or to try on different lives and experiences. Each painting is like catching a moment in a jar.

The act of 'making' is as important as my finished product. Within my practice, I feel myself transported into the story being told in the image. I find myself deeply involved in the scene’s possible narrative. The weight of reality and the past depart when I find myself in the flow of painting.

I often choose titles that represent whatever feeling or story the piece has conveyed to me. I like viewers to have their own perspective on each work and what feeling it conveys to them, because like any moment in time, we all remember them differently.

In my work, I aim to commemorate people, places, and things that allow for escape - if only for a moment - to a very specific feeling, whatever that may be.

At least, I hope. 😘